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About Annie Zed

A bridge is a safe way across deep places.


Annie Zalezsak

Bridging the gap between you and your loved ones in spirit.


So many incidents in my life could be attributed to contact with the spirit world. Logic, the rational mind, and downright fear of what others might think of me, stood in the way of pursuing the mediumship path. I’d shoo away spirit. I’d brush off my experiences as unimportant and downplay any significance.

In January 2013, I had the most astounding experience of all. It was when I knew, for a fact, that the spirit world does indeed exist. I had to tell the world, so I wrote a book.

I could not deny it any more. I believed that our soul is eternal in the form of source energy; what I discovered for certain, is that the personality also lives on. Our loved ones are still around us. And they are eager to communicate with us.

Information does not come from me. It comes through me. I am the vehicle, the vessel, the translator of the information. Spirit tells me or shows me something, and I relay it. What I do is facilitate communication between you and your loved one on the other side. I am like a mediator or interpreter: a medium, or a bridge from our world to theirs.

People refer to clairvoyance (seeing) and clairaudience (hearing) in a ‘psychic’ sort of way. Others use the word ‘intuitive’. I describe it as a kind of communication that requires fine-tuned, sensitive attention.

I resisted this path for so long. While I felt called back again and again to mediumship work, I fought it for fear of “what will people think”. But after helping others connect with their loved ones, get answers for lingering questions, and the peace that comes to them through this work, it is the most amazing and rewarding thing I have ever witnessed, and such important work.

Growing up, mystical concepts were the norm.

I grew up in a home where mystical concepts were considered a pretty normal everyday thing. Outside the home, I learned quickly to shut up about them. From early childhood, I experienced extraordinary spiritual events, yet I was discerning and skeptical about it all.

It wasn’t until my mother’s passing in 2000 when I really delved more deeply into exploring these things in a more public way. I studied Reiki and spiritual healing in 2001, discovering that as I passed my hands over a person’s body, I could pick up physical ailments and conditions. I began doing aura readings and spirit angel paintings.

In 2005, I started working in a field where I felt my professional standing would be risked if they knew I was ‘into’ such things. So I hid them. While I loved the job, over time, I realized I could no longer deny the real me. It was a slow, scary process getting to the point where I could begin to reveal my abilities.

Spiritualist values. New thought practices. Quantum ideas.

In ‘safe’ surroundings, I have called myself a Spiritualist since 2001. In 2012, I discovered the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna. A long-time fan of ‘new thought’ (associated with positive thinking, affirmations, and so on) without realizing it was called that, I soon became a member. I also subscribe to the theory of quantum mechanics and the idea of a holographic universe.

A near-death experience changes everything.

In January 2013, I had an amazing near-death experience. It proved to me fully that the spirit world does indeed exist. My ability to communicate with spirit increased in spontaneity and developed greater clarity. I tell the full story in my book, We Are One Blood: Honouring the Body’s Right to Heal Itself. I now help others communicate with their loved ones on “the other side”.

We Are One Blood
Book Description

When Annie was admitted to hospital with severe anaemia, she had no idea how close she was to death’s door. During ten hours of blood transfusions, a veil to the spirit world was lifted. Two weeks later, she was given yet another diagnosis. Knowing what she now knew about what lay beyond death, how could she take the traditional medical route?

Annie said no to surgery. She chose to follow her body’s own intuitive guidance with complete acceptance, whatever the outcome. Annie sought the cure to the root cause of her dis-ease. She listened to her own body’s way to healing and learned to follow her own truth about life.

You can call me Annie Zed.

My surname is Zalezsak. I use Annie Zed to make it easier for people to spell and pronounce my name! I have many interests with websites and blogs listed at


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