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Aura Readings

Everyone has a dynamic aura.

The aura is the energetic essence and blueprint of the body. This energy field flows throughout and beyond the body. While everyone has the ability to see or sense the aura, most people block this ability in order to cope with overwhelming external world stimuli.


The aura can even be sensed at a great distance.

On an energy level there is no time, no space, no boundaries. You can be anywhere, anytime, and your aura can still be sensed. You can also block access to your energy. When I do an aura reading, I ask you for your permission and willingness to be seen and read, because it can be very personal information.

I like to have your first and last name and the town in which you live because it helps me to feel assured that I am connecting with the correct person.

I prefer to work with a recent full length photo. Only you should be in the photo – no other person, pet or object overlapping any part of you.

The aura reading reveals many things.

Things that are prominent in your life tend to show up in your aura reading. These may include physical conditions, career, family, emotional situations, plans, ideas, character traits and sometimes even spiritual guidance that is around you.

These aura pictures are very different from the usual.

This is not Kirlian photography. A Kirlian photograph (the kind of aura photo you can get taken at a psychic fair) captures your aura for a split second. But the aura is in constant flow. It shifts and changes all the time. It looks a lot like northern lights (aurora borealis).  Reading your aura from a Kirlian photo is like deciphering a whole language through one character of the alphabet. My aura pictures are like seeing a page in the book of your life.

I tune in to your energy for about one and a half hours during this process. This gives you a more accurate, thorough and insightful reading. I digitally ‘paint’ impressions of the colours of your aura that I am sensing in a translucent layer over your image. As I am doing this, I write any impressions or messages that come to me intuitively.

Aura 1

Aura 2

Aura 3

Aura 4


Aura Reading Request

If you are interested in an aura reading, please complete the form on the contact page. The price for an aura reading with a picture is $90.

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