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Bridge Through the Veil

Family in spirit want to connect with you.

I was there when my mother passed away in September 2000. I held her hand and watched her take her last breath. I told her, “Keep in touch”. I sensed her spirit hovering above the family and close friends as we surrounded her bed while she transitioned.

I wanted to hear from my mother. I had trouble sensing her presence. I thought it should be easy, but it wasn’t. (I learned much later, that when there is so much emotion around a loss, it can put up walls to our ability to sense those we most want to connect with.)

In January 2001, I began attending Spiritualist services to watch demonstrations of mediumship. I did get messages. Ever the skeptic, I doubted them, despite their accuracy. I thought, how is it possible for a complete stranger to connect with MY mother, when I can’t?

After the service, people could stay for spiritual healing. I would often stay and watch the amazing auras that flowed between healer and receiver. I started to train as a spiritual healer (studying Reiki around this time also). I found that I could pick up issues in the person’s body. When permitted to share the information, I was surprised by its accuracy. I began to offer aura readings, chakra readings and what I call spirit angel paintings. I set up the People in Spirit website to help people deal with grief and loss.

Even though I have felt spirit throughout my life, I never quite trusted it until I had a near-death experience (NDE) and so many of my family and friends in spirit appeared to me.

The experience opened me up. It was my proof. I wanted others to know and be assured that their loved ones are also around them; that they can be with you the instant you think of them.

Frequent connection with my spirit family guides me.

I now communicate with my spirit family on a regular basis. I trust their presence and loving guidance. Our ancestors in spirit don’t have all the answers to every question. But they share our blood. Their genes and their history live on in us. We are forever linked and they truly know us and genuinely want what is best for us. Sometimes they are more clear, supportive and tangible than spirit guides or angels, because they are vibrationally closer to us.

Our ancestors can positively impact our destinies. They love to help us and want to assist us. They have the ‘time’, energy and desire to do this from their dimension. We honour our ancestors by communicating with them and relying upon them to guide us in ways that they are personally able.

If you would like to have a facilitated session of connection with your loved one, this can be arranged in person or at a distance. Please complete the form on the contact page. The price for a one-hour session is $120.

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