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Spirit Angel Paintings

Art has a tremendous power to heal.

Visual images can transform thoughts, bringing comfort and healing to the mind, body and spirit. When a painting is created especially for you, the power it contains is multiplied.

When I create a painting like this, I tune in to your essence and spontaneously select colours, allowing my hands to choose and flow in whatever way they feel guided. At the same time, I ‘listen’ for words and messages from spirit, handwriting them down, between brush strokes, exactly and just as they arrive. The painting is often surprising. The written message can be about anything. I am open to whatever comes up. I don’t judge, question, or guess at anything. I allow the words to flow and trust they will be relevant to you.

The process is highly intuitive. I am in a very present, aware state, completely giving over to the process. What comes up is often surprising. What you see in the painting and what you hear in the reading is completely personal to you.

Sample spirit angel paintings

CR Spirit/Angel Painting 1

DT Spirit/Angel Painting 2

SH Spirit/Angel Painting 3

Don’t tell me anything about yourself.

All I need to tune into your energy is your full name, and the town and country in which you currently live. For best results, I don’t want to know any details that might influence the painting. This will maintain the integrity of a genuine, completely spirit-sourced image and message for you. After the process, I will email a photo of the painting (as a preview, so that it can fully dry before I mail it to you) and a typed up version of the reading (you get the handwritten version, too).

After that, if you have questions or want to tell me about yourself, I’m happy to have that exchange! Complete privacy is assured.

Some people prefer to have an Aura Reading first. Sometimes this allows the Spirit Angel Painting and Reading to go to a deeper level.

I think it’s important to send out an intention to your family in spirit, angels, spirit guides, to your Greater Self and/or your Higher Power, giving permission for the wisdom you seek to be communicated through this painting and reading.

The painting is valuable in many ways.

Paintings often include symbolism and colours that mean something personal to you. The more you gaze into the painting, the more you will get out of it, and that includes differing information over time. The painting can be used as a meditation tool, a point of focus for visualizing or connecting with your greater self.

The painting usually contains faces of angels, spirits, spirit guides – figures representing and symbolizing essences in spirit that have a message for you, or that you can connect with for help and guidance.

The painting is letter-sized acrylic paint on board. Other sizes and mediums can be created by special request.

The reading is usually 2 to 4 pages long, handwritten. It’s difficult to predict what will come through the reading. Often, it is about your life path in general, your purpose and the main issues that are occurring at the time of the reading. Sometimes direct spiritual guidance will come through.

Your support for this art form is received with gratitude.

If you are interested in having a spirit angel painting and reading made for you, please complete the form on the contact page. The cost for the painting and reading, including postage and packing, is $190 for a painting that is approximately A4 or letter size.


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